HYVIS TONG DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY is a subsidiary of LIVETHEDREAM Co.  Mainly focus on the field of wedding job and leaded by Hyvis Tong & her fabulous team in both photography and video fields.

More about Hyvis Tong:
Having been the key photographer for The Peninsula Magazine and some other international luxury magazines for years, Hyvis change her career from photo shooting to story telling. She thinks every single wedding has its own story behind, not only between the couple but also between the guests and the couple. She loves to frame all the happiness and memorable moments, and let it last forever. She is looking at images that are beyond the wedding day and event, looking for the unforgettable, remarkable moments and memories that will, hopefully, last a lifetime. She is currently working on both wedding and commercial field. The One Shopping Mall promotional video 2010 and Rexona print advertising campaign 2011 featured by singers William Chen and Sherman Chung are two of her jobs before.